Marka Fidelização is a specialist in Implementing Loyalty programs. 20 years of experience, more than 180 projects implemented in Brazil.

Marka Fidelização’s clients are companies operating in the physical or virtual market seeking solutions to increase sales.

The expertise of our highly skilled team of professionals allows us to offer comprehensive solutions that go from identifying specific needs of the clients to using cutting-edge tools in combination with Marka’s proven method to implement solutions and manage results.

With permanent investment in innovation and professional training, Marka’s team is always focused on trends, technologies, ideas, tools and methodologies to turn them into practical and comprehensive solutions to increase its clients’ sales.

This attitude and our 20 years of experience have led us to be acknowledged by the media and our clients – we have provided loyalty cards to more than 2,000 different businesses in Brazil and abroad, as well as 180 companies in different segments and of different sizes which relied on us to take care of their most valuable asset. Their Clients!


Marka’s portfolio offers a complete solution for companies to improve their results with the following strategies.

We love what we do. Moreover, our work is based on values such as integrity and competence!